Bittersweet Summer?


Well I pose that as a question, because I guess it depends on your overall outlook of the last week of August.


For me, I’m somewhere in the middle. I do love a long, lingering summer, but I also love the bounty that fall provides. And with the amazing farmers at Dufferin Grove, that is sure to be nothing short of spectacular!


So if you’re escaping to a cottage, or some other relaxing excursion, this weekend (or next), enjoy!

But if, like yours truly, you’re “stuck” in the city, there are still many ways you can also enjoy!


As an avid, but “take my time” cyclist, I love riding to our many beautiful parks and other green spaces – packing a lunch and making a day of it! And if not on “two wheels”, then (one foot in front of the other), or public transit, work fine too.


But if you’re looking for something a bit more “loud and lively”, there are a number of festivals happening throughout our fair city. Food, music and culture – it’s so easy to celebrate our urban landscape! I simply looked up “Toronto festivals”, and came up with a slew of ideas. 


And today, (being the last Sunday of the month), is also PS Kensington. If you’re unaware, that is “Pedestrian Sunday” – described as a place where: “The streets of Kensington Market are yours, and open in celebration throughout the market. Human beings feel at their best in vibrant, human scale, friendly environments.” Visit:, for more details. You might even see me there! haha


But aside from all of that, (if you’ve got a little extra $$ to spend), you can always visit the X! I’ll admit that the CNE is a bit pricier this year, but hey, at least it’s back! And after three long years, I may just go, for the nostalgia factor alone. Ketchup ice cream anyone? Yup – (at the X), that’s a thing this year!


Ok, and now on to our fabulous little market! Where we may not have ketchup ice cream, but the incredible sheep milk gelato from All Sorts Acres, is sure to please. Jennifer even has yummy “pawpsicles” for your favourite canine. And from what I’ve seen, I think many dogs in the neighbourhood, have started to really love Thursdays!

dog treats

And this is a special thanks from Erick, of Hola Alegrias, who wants to thank the Dufferin Grove community, for a great first market that he had. Erick says he was delighted with the response, and is excited for the remainder of the season at Dufferin – you’re welcome Erick, glad you’re here!


Also at this week’s market, I had an illuminating conversation with the lovely Irina, of Bees Universe. I asked Irina to remind (and inform) me of some of the many uses and health benefits of beeswax, honeycomb and bee pollen – and boy, did I get an earful! I always knew their honey was amazing, but sometimes I forget about all of the other fabulous products Bees Universe provides. And I mean, where would we be without bees, in general? But perhaps that’s a much bigger conversation. All the same, thanks Irina – for reminding us all of how crucial these wonderful little insects are!


Irina of Bees Universe 🙂

And once again, I was dazzled by Nature’s Way, and their “wonder-veggies”, (I’ll call them. 🙂  A few weeks ago, if you recall, it was their giant cucumbers. Well this week,   Ed and Holly somewhat “dared me” to pose with their “super squash”. Of course, I accepted the challenge. But man – it was heavy! And although I’m smiling in the photo, holding it for as long as I did, was no easy feat! And in case you’re wondering, yes! The super squash eventually did go to a good home by end of market – yaaay!

Nicole Squash
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And a special thanks to longtime musician of the market, Andrea Kuzmich, who kept us all in good spirits throughout the afternoon.


And now a few things to note..


(For this season), sadly this will be the last week for our online shop. With most of our staff heading back to school, for now, we will have to suspend this service. But hopefully the web shop can reopen at some future date. A special thanks to Izak, Aidan and Maya for keeping it going as long as they did!


Also sadly, First Fish had their last market with us, this past Thursday. Mickayla is also quite short-staffed, and therefore, had to make the difficult decision. However, if you’re like me, and just love their fish, you can find them at Sorauren market or Trinity Bellwoods market. Thank goodness, right? 🙂 


Coming this week:


Art Hive returns to us this week. They missed out earlier this month, (due to the stormy weather on August 4th), but the forecast is looking good for their return! And if you’re unfamiliar, “Art Hive is a free community art studio that welcomes everyone as an artist. It is a time and place for creativity and conversation with the community.” Thanks Cynthia, looking forward to it!


And if you’ve been wondering “where’s Plan B?” Well wonder no longer – Rodrigo returns to Dufferin this week, with his joyful energy and wonderful bounty. Featured here is Rodrigo with Aidan, working hard, as you can see! Perhaps they were wrestling for the last zucchini? Either way,  you’ll have to ask Rodrigo yourself, who the winner was!

aidan and rodrigo

TC Tibetan Momos will also return this week. I’m sure many will agree that it’s been way too long – yum!!


Heartwood Cider also returns to us this week with their refreshing and delicious beverages. Yes please!


Ok folks, thanks for reading, and hope to see you Thursday!


Market VENDORS _  (in-person) _ September 1st, 2022

Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Reyes Farms
  • Greenhouse Eatery
  • Aldergrove Farm
  • Sosnicki Organics
  • Kooner Farms
  • Nith Valley 
  • Nature’s Way
  • Plan B Organics
  • Kind Organics
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Bees Universe
  • Monforte Dairy 

Prepared Foods:

  • La Mexicana
  • Tapioca Toronto 
  • TC Tibetan Momos
  • Magic Oven
  • Earth + City


Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Robinson Bakery 
  • Lev Bakery
  • Hola Alegrias
  • ChocoSol
  • Jiggy Popz

Wine, Cider & Brewery:

  • Heartwood Cider


Special Events/Guests:

  • Art Hive
  • Community Fridges


For a list of online vendors, visit: