We Did It!


Yes, that’s right folks! Our first indoor market (of 2022), has finally happened! Perhaps you’ll recall seeing my “crafty” chalkboard? Haha, well I tried my best to be colourful – hope you enjoyed! But all the same, a big thank you, to all who were able to attend – wouldn’t have been the same without you. ????


And if you weren’t able to make it, please enjoy this brief recap – and hopefully we’ll see you at next week’s market!


But first, I’ll try to clarify our exact location – and my apologies if I didn’t do that initially. So we are at St Anne’s Church, at 651 Dufferin St. This is the church hall, and we’re in the basement. And please be aware, that sadly, because it is such an old building, it’s not very wheelchair accessible, and there are some stairs. However, my staff and I were there last week, assisting, with strollers and such, wherever we could – and we’re happy to do it again. 


And to further clarify, we’re in a separate building from 270 Gladstone Ave. But if coming from Gladstone, you can cut through the parking lot, and just walk west, to the adjacent building. And (as I did last week), I’ll hang a string of lights on the side of the building, where we are – in addition to lots of signage. Ok folks, hope that helps – but I’m always open to suggestions. We’re in this together! haha


Ok, now since I started this newsletter on the theme of “firsts”, let me talk a bit about Noki Farms! Nikyole (the farmer), hails from Guelph, and specializes in fabulous gourmet mushrooms and microgreens. And if you’re wondering (as I was), about the pronunciation of her name, well it’s exactly like mine! (Nicole), just with a different spelling – neat!


So Nikyole wants to thank the Dufferin community for welcoming her, and allowing her to have a truly great first market. She’s looking forward to her next market with us on December 1st. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos if you missed out.


Ekta, of “Gulp Fiction” was another first-timer at Dufferin. Her delicious  South-Indian cuisine, including hot lentil stew, was a big hit – especially on the chilly night that we had last week. But if you missed out, not to worry – Ekta is away next week, but returns on December 1st.


And why not give a shout out to our very first customer of the day? Good on you, Naomi! And thanks for your enthusiasm and long-standing support. (Naomi’s featured here, on the right.) 

On the left is Rodrigo of Plan B Organics. A “surprise visit” by Plan B, but definitely a welcomed one! And if you came early enough for those yummy cherry tomatoes (before they sold out), I’m sure you’ll agree on that. Plan B will be with us for the next three markets, until December 8th.


And just to give some news about vendors and product. (With the absence of Bees Universe), some of you have asked: “well what about honey?” And “what about eggs?” Well thankfully both are covered!

Featured below, is Seth, of Forbes Wild Foods, posing with jars of honey, in addition to their incredible maple syrup, and numerous other amazing products that they carry.


And with respect to eggs, we’ve got two options for you! Dave of Rogers Ranch, our beef and pork vendor, has lots of organic eggs for us from “Happy Hens”. 


Nathan, of Nith Valley, also continues to bring eggs for us. This is in addition to his bountiful and spectacular veggies, that I’m clearly overjoyed about in this photo. But if you’ve ever shopped from Nith Valley before, you get it! 

And in addition to his (usual) chicken, Nathan will also have lamb – (as All Sorts acres is not taking part in the indoor market.)


For next week, TC Tibetan Momos returns – yum! And coming in December: Heartwood Cider, First Fish and Kawartha Brooms. And remember to save some holiday shopping for our last two markets on December 15th and 22nd.

And for those looking for Greenhouse Eatery last week, Audrey sends her regrets, as she was completely snowed in and could not attend market. She hopes to be there next week, if all goes well. 

And in community news..

St Anne’s is providing their FREE community (take-away) dinner TONIGHT, November 20th. They are also looking for volunteers. Here are the details, (provided by St Anne’s):

If you or someone you know would appreciate a hot, take-away meal, these will be available between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. from the north glass door of our parish hall at 651 Dufferin Street (opposite the entrance to LOFT St. Anne’s Place). 

We’re also looking for volunteers to help on Sunday with meal prep, service, and/or clean up. Please email Juli Brown as soon as possible – juli.brown@saintanne.ca – if you’re able to assist! Dishwashers are almost always needed! 

Financial donations towards the cost of the meal are also always welcome via our Canada Helps page (fund #3 – community support).   

With thanks!

Mary Lou Harrison

Director of Partnerships & Administration

St. Anne’s Anglican Church

416-536-3160, ext. 1,  www.saintanne.ca

Ok folks, thanks again, and hope to see you Thursday!


LIST of VENDORS _ November 24th, 2022

Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Nith Valley
  • Urban Harvest
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Pine River 
  • Plan B Organics

Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Lev Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • ChocoSol
  • Green Florin
  • Hola Alegrias

Prepared Foods:

  • Magic Oven
  • Tapioca Toronto
  • TC Tibetan Momos

Cider & Brewery:

  • n/a (returns in December)