Enjoy the August Rush! ????

corn man

Yes folks – we began the first market of August with a “CORNucopia” bonanza! Hopefully you were able to try some of the delicious roasted corn that The Greenhouse Eatery was doing, in the park oven. But if you happened to miss out, Audrey plans to do more this week – along with roasted potatoes and garlic,  (yum!) But if fresh, raw corn is your preference, be sure to get some from Kooner Farms, while you still can – just amazing!

And in “entertainment news”, I’ll start off with a reminder of the special performance, happening at this week’s market! This of course, is “Lettuce Head”, happening on Thursday August 10th, at 5pm. And once again, this is being put on by the Summerworks Theatre Festival. So plan your market trip accordingly if you’re able. For more info on “Lettuce Head”: http://summerworks.ca/show/the-lettuce-head-experience.

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Photo Credit: Cynthia-ël Hasbani and Alyssa Martin

This performance is of course, FREE (for us, in Dufferin Grove Park) – yay! But the festival itself, does go on until August 13th, and could definitely use your support, (at various venues.) For more details visit: www.summerworks.ca.

But wait! There’s more! Some news from Clay and Paper Theatre…


Clay and Paper Theatre invites you to our last week of shows of ANIMAL NATURE (from, August 9th – 12th, at 7pm). This includes an afternoon show at 3pm, on Saturday August 12th. More event details can be found here:
and here: https://clayandpapertheatre.org/2023/07/14/animal-nature/
In this epic fight for the future of the planet, the remaining animals of the earth get pushed to the very edges of the world itself. A neurotic Caribou poet, a storytelling flatulent Possum, a sleep-deprived Grizzly with anger management issues, and a lonely Orca lost in her watery dreams, are just a few of the colourful and bold creature characters in Animal Nature. This 2014 show has had glorious remount this year, with puppets repainted by the phenomenal Shalak Attack, an exceptional cast of emerging artists and our usual gang of spectacular musicians.”

Now before I delve further, into this week’s “veggie tales”, I definitely need to say thank you!! Many of you are probably aware of our market fundraiser currently going on, and have subsequently given your support to us. This is much appreciated, and of great benefit to the market. But if you haven’t had a chance to do so, and feel that you can at this time, please click below. And please know that small donations also mean a lot – no amount is insignificant. Thanks again folks! xo

Support the Market

And now for vendor news..
Please get ready to welcome a new popup vendor this week, Plantacia FoodsChristine Hotz, business owner, makes delicious, plant-based snacks, that are sure to please. A word or two from Christine:
“Planticia Foods & Snacks is a Toronto-based producer of 100% plant-based prepared foods, designed with whole, natural ingredients and good nutrition in mind. Our farmers’ market fare features Ontario-grown nuts, oats, and seasonal produce, and includes Nut & Seed Bread, Oat & Five Seed Crackers, Walnut Lentil Pate, Carrot Lox, and nut-based cheeses, as well as Seasonal Smoothies, Juice Blends, and a selection of sweet bites. We currently sell at The Junction Farmers Market or visit www.planticiafoods.com or follow us on Instagram @planticia_foods”


Some long-awaited vendors making their return, (after having been absent):
So I’ll start with TC Tibetan Momos – if you’ve been craving these delicious dumplings, the wait is finally over! Hooray!


Spade & Spoon also makes a return at long last. I know we’ve all missed Blythe, and her amazing preserves and such, but she truly thanks everyone for their patience. She’s been very hard at work pickling – so get ready to stock your cupboards!
And Urban Harvest is our final long-awaited returning vendor. Colette regrets that she had to miss last week’s market, but is very excited to be back at Dufferin once again. Look forward to her assortment of skin care, soaps, essential oils, and seeds for early fall planting.

Some amazing things from last week..
A new vendor to our market last week, was Kamplex Snax. And if you didn’t get to try some on Thursday, that totally checks out, since they completely sold out! Not to worry though – they will be back in two weeks. A few words from Kamplex:
“Kalmplex snax are small-batch made, dehydrated spicy fruit snax. Using turmeric for inflammation, cayenne and black garlic for immune-boosting, and tiger nut for fibre. Using fruits such as mango, pineapple, peach, and papaya, these are healthy, no sugar added, on-the-go, snax.”


Last week we also had fresh lobster mushrooms at the market! So hearty and flavourful. Be sure to visit Seth, at the Forbes Wild Foods stall to get some. He won’t have them for long!


Wow – so much happening!
Ok, I think you’re getting the point – Thursday afternoon, Dufferin Grove Market is the place you want to be! Hope to see you there.. ????
(*every Thursday, 3-7pm, in Dufferin Grove Park)


In photo: a patty pan zucchini from Plan B Organics

VENDORS _ August 10th, 2023


  • Reyes Farms
  • Plan B Organics
  • Nith Valley
  • Aldergrove Farms
  • Greenhouse Eatery
  • Nature’s Way
  • Kooner Farms
  • Sundance Harvest
  • Noki Farms (bi-weekly)

Meat & Dairy:

  • Rogers Ranch
  • Hammerhead Fish (bi-weekly)
  • Monforte Dairy
  • Nith Valley (lamb & chicken)

Prepared Foods:

  • Tapioca Toronto 
  • Magic Oven
  • Earth & City 
  • TC Tibetan Momos (bi-weekly)
  • Greenhouse Eatery


  • Robinson Bakery 
  • Lev Bakery

Preserves & Specialty Items:

  • Forbes Wild Foods 
  • Jiggy Popz 
  • Green Florin (bi-weekly)
  • Spade & Spoon (monthly)
  • ChocoSol (with Earth & City)


  • Heartwood Cider


  • Mobile Bike Repair
  • Community Fridges


  • Sky & Rose

Bi-weekly (for August 17th):

  • Knuckle Down Farms
  • First Fish
  • CrepeDeLaCrepeTO

SPECIAL EVENT, at 5PM – “Lettuce Head”!!!