Springing Into Spring!


Yes folks, the year’s first equinox is already upon us – hope you enjoy it! Or if you’re seeing this (after 11:06pm, on March 19th), then I hope it was amazing for you! haha 

Either way, we’re once again, into an exciting new season. So “thanks for the memories, winter”, but hooray for spring! Hooray for (soon to come), gorgeous spring peas. I recently caught up with Mimi (of Reyes Farms), whose peas are featured this week. The Reyes crew will be joining us when the outdoor season begins in May – and they seriously can’t wait! 🙌

Gorgeous “treasures” in store from Audrey McDonald’s greenhouse, (of The Greenhouse Eatery.) 

And some, (perhaps many), would even say that this is the most crucial season for farming. More sunlight is on the way, along with warmer temps, and bountiful spring veggies to come – yes please, to all of that!

But aside from the many rewards of planting and gardening, spring weather (as we all know), can also involve a fair bit of rain. A good chunk of which, we experienced last week. Boy oh boy! 

So for those who did come out last Thursday, first and foremost, “Thank You”! And to those that didn’t make it, hopefully you can come out this week. Cuz let’s face it – rain happens! And it’s a good bet that another “rainy market Thursday” will likely happen this season. But we got this! Let’s just pull out our favourite rubber boots, and march on over! These wonderful vendors need our support. Rodrigo and Nathan (of Plan B Organics and Nith Valley Organics, respectively), promise that rain or shine, there’ll always be “a smiling farmer” to greet you. Aww. Thanks, you two! 💜

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Farmers, Rodrigo and Nathan, all smiles – despite the merciless downpour last week. 💪

And speaking of beautiful smiles, what a treat it was to have Blythe, of Spade and Spoon, back at the market! (As you can see), she was thrilled to be back at Dufferin, and glad to catch up with many of you. It was Blythe’s first time in the brand new clubhouse, and she thanks everyone who helped to get it going! But If you did happen to miss her this time around, Blythe will be back on April 11th. Yeehaw!  🙌

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Pop-Up/Welcome Back!

Yes, it’s time to welcome back one of our past vendors! Some of you remember from early pandemic days, Alma Bakery. During our (“online-only”) market, business owner Reza Zarif, was offering his delicious Persian cuisine – including baklava, flatbreads, olives, and dips. 

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Delicious gourmet treasures from Alma Bakery.

But if you are unfamiliar with Alma Bakery’s story, here’s a few words from Reza:

“In 2015, Alma Bakery began its culinary adventure in Saint John, New Brunswick. We set out to create the finest Persian-style flatbreads and dips, continually refining our recipes based on community feedback. We use organic ingredients, no preservatives, and we bake everything daily and fresh! We use local flour and vegetables, supporting our community with fresh ingredients. In 2019, we took a bold step to relocate to Toronto, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, our business has flourished, attracting loyal customers who return each week for our Persian style goods. Our journey has transformed Alma Bakery into a thriving business, and we look forward to extending our culinary delights to new people and communities.” Yum! Don’t miss out!

Some FYI..

Rodrigo of Plan B Organics, will be away travelling for the next two weeks, so he, himself will not be at the market on March 21st, or 28th. However.. Rodrigo is hoping that his brother Alvaro can step in while he’s away. But, (Rod tells me), it may depend on how much is to be done, back on the farm, So basically, let’s all keep our fingers crossed! haha

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Bountiful veggies from Plan B Organics – more to come! 

And for those hoping to get some fine fish from Hammerhead’s, they will be there this week! But please know that for the time being, Jennifer will only be coming on a bi-weekly basis. If that changes however, I’ll definitely keep you posted! 🤩

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Fresh fish from Hammerhead’s fishery. 

And once again, a BIG thank you to Pete and Anna, who graced us with beautiful music last week. Just magical. The talented pair definitely made the seemingly-endless rain, feel like sunshine. 🌞

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Pete and Anna, playing wonderful music for market shoppers.

LIST OF VENDORS for March 21st:

  • Nith Valley Organics
  • Plan B Organics
  • Noki Farms
  • Johnson Family Bakery
  • Hammerhead Fish (now bi-weekly)
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • Kalmplex Snax
  • Magic Oven
  • Estelle’s Caribbean Cuisine
  • Alma Bakery! (pop-up)

Thanks for reading folks – and see you “in the spring”! 🤸🏿‍♂️


(*in the Clubhouse at Dufferin Grove Park – every Thursday, 3-7pm)

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Incredible deliciousness from Johnson Family Bakery.