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Turning toward the Light

LAST MARKET OF THE YEAR! WE RETURN JANUARY 4TH.The Winter Solstice is at 11:27 am [...]

Come in where it’s Cozy, there’s lots to choose from!

It’s great to hear the reactions of people when they discover the market. Here are [...]

The Stock Market

Are you ‘the shopping list type,’ orderly and strategic, or more of a ‘love at [...]

Market Connections

  Lots of information has been coming in to share, so this edition of the [...]

Happy 15th!

This week we’re ready for some fun as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the [...]

Good Clean Veg

CHANGE OF PLANS for today! We’re moving the market in and around the rinkhouse so [...]

Outrageous Orange and Glorious Green

Have you noticed when you come to the market, that orange is not just plain, [...]

A Lamp Burning Bright

Happy Diwali! Tonight, to celebrate India’s “festival of lights”, many people around the world will [...]

Pawpaws, Potatoes, and a 5,000 Pound Pile

We had such a fun start to the rink-market season last week! We had to [...]

Silk Tea and Tin Sandwiches

Approximately 11 harmonica players from down Dunville way will be entertaining us, and a keen [...]