Happy 15th!

Happy 15th!

This week we’re ready for some fun as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the market. That’s about 760 market days, give or take a few, and a whole lot of learning, friendship, and outstanding food! Thank you to our wonderful vendors, loyal customers, the staff at the park, our market team–everyone who has been part of this adventure along the way, and all of you who make the market a part of your week.

happy 15th
My daughter spotted this sign in New York. (Don’t worry, we won’t let it go to our heads.)

To mark the occasion, Leslie Lindsay is baking many cakes to share, from our three now-classic recipes: Vegan Carrot Cake with Orange Glaze, Beet Chocolate Cake, and Gluten-Free Parsnip Cake. It’s too hard to choose a favourite; you’ll just have to try them all. Richard Underhill and friends will be playing music, we have very nice tote bags to give away while supplies last, AND, we’ll be handing out our 2017-18 Loyal Eaters Cards in anticipation of the start of our winter Loyalty Reward Program on November 23rd! You can read all about that here.

Vendor news:

erica chickens
Coffee Break at Everdale

From Wolf at Everdale Farm: “This week’s fresh veggie buffet features the following: jersualem artichoke, arugula loose red, candycane, golden and white beets, mini broccoli, cabbage, purple carrots, orange carrots, celeriac, chard, cilantro, collards, black kale, green kale, purple kale, leeks, red storage onions, yellow storage onions, shallots, parsnips, parsley, parsley root, red radish, rutabaga, salad mix, salsify, spinach, storage turnips, hakurei turnips, butternut squash, delicata squash, spaghetti squash, black futsu mini pumpkins, and fairytale pumpkins.”

“Knuckle Down Farm didn’t want to miss the Market’s birthday, so we will be back one last time with lots of fall veggies. Leeks, Kale, Rutabaga galore! There will be a little spinach and some baby lettuces too among other treats. Thank you all for the great season!”

Shared Harvest and Waymac will be back, too, so the selection of late fall produce will be top notch.

Country Meadows is away in Greece for the olive harvest (expected return date: December 7th), so you will find Colette in Angelos‘s usual spot, with many delightful choices from Urban Harvest: soaps, seeds, creams, tinctures and more, to look after yourself or give to your dear ones.

TC’s Tibetan Momos will be cooking up tasty dumplings, and you can raise a glass to the market from Southbrook’s selection of local organic wines.

November is a wonderful month for wild foods, especially nuts! Stop by the Forbes Wild Foods table to see what Seth has on offer.

The Sosnickis are not at the market right now, but their amazing perogies and cabbage rolls will be available by order for pickup at the market on a date in early December. Jessie Sosnicki has written a blog post about what goes into making these foods, and the crew of ladies that lend a hand. It’s a really fun read, and it tells all you need to know if you’re curious about ordering.

Note: during the outdoor season, we have an ATM at the market, but when the rink is open for skating, there is no space to store it. This will probably be the last week the ATM is available, so if you have gotten into the habit of relying on it, please remember to bring cash next time.

Really looking forward to seeing you at the market!
Anne Freeman

Vendors this week:

Ali Harris: rotis, sandwiches, salads, drinks
All Sorts Acre: lamb, wool, shepherd’s pies, sheep’s milk
Bees Universe: honey, eggs, bee products
Chocosol: chocolate, coffee, drinks
Culture City: fermented foods, condiments
DeFloured: gluten-free baking
Dufferin Park Bakers: wood-fired oven breads & pizzas, salads, snacks
Everdale: fresh organic produce
Forbes Wild Foods: blueberries, mushrooms & other wild foods
Kind Organics: sprouts, salad mixes, teas
Knuckle Down Farm: fresh organic vegetables (LAST DAY)
Marvellous Edibles: pastured poultry, meats, organic vegetables
Monforte Dairy: cheeses of many kinds
Pine River: fresh organic vegetables
Plan B: organic produce
Shared Harvest: fresh organic vegetables, herbs
Southbrook Vineyards: organic Ontario wines
Spade & Spoon: preserves, maple syrup, soups
Stas: French fries, grilled grass-fed & organic meats
TC’s Tibetan Momos: vegetarian and meat dumplings
Ted Thorpe: fresh produce
Urban Harvest: body care, seeds
Waymac: oyster and shiitake mushrooms