Remembering One of our Regulars, and Notes for the Week

Remembering One of our Regulars, and Notes for the Week

Hello Market Friends:

This afternoon we will post details of how we reached the decision not to re-open in the park for the time-being, here on the website, and on facebook. We are very happy with how far we have come in developing our ability to provide you with market food despite the challenges of 2020, but of course we miss the weekly Thursday gatherings and camaraderie of the park market. One of the aspects that is hardest to interrupt is the checkin with market regulars.

A few people have been around the market just about as long as it has existed.  A few days ago I learned  that one of that small group passed away recently. Her name was Grosdonna Baresic. We knew her as Marianna, and she almost never missed a market.

Sometimes she graced us with her remarkable operatic voice (her brother is an accomplished composer in Croatia); other days, her presence could be challenging, but particular vendors (Ali Harris and Angelos Kapelaris come to mind) and park staff members (Erica long ago, and more recently Maricella and others) were her special favourites.

She leaves two brothers, a sister, and a son, Rudi. The family hoped to fulfill Marianna’s wish to return to (the former) Yugoslavia, but Covid made details too difficult, so her ashes will be buried in Toronto. Very sadly, she died alone, but we will remember her as one of us.

There are changes afoot on our roster:

Patti Robinson, the talented baker who has brought sourdough loaves and treats to market in previous years, has opened her own bakeshop at last, and joins us online this week.

Krista Tobias is offering DeFloured delights one last time this week, and then she is turning her attention to other things for a while. DeFloured will return in 2021, but Krista has sold the shop on College to Raphael and Anna, our good friends from Tapioca Toronto! This means they can keep developing their delicious line of (also gluten-free) specialties; a great step forward for the business!

MotherDough is back, Japaneats is still away, and we are counting down the days to Wiecha Peaches, expected on July 30th.

More news next time about new vendors and old!

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Don’t miss out on delicious nectarines from Reyes Farms! They will be firm when you get them, but leave them out on the counter to develop superb fragrance and flavour! The nectarines are grown using a combination of organic methods and (IPM) Integrated Pest Management.

Another not-to-be-missed summer treat is All Sorts Acres gelato. Wow, Chocolate Chili Cheesecake is incredible!! Jennifer and Tim sent special cooler packs for us to use when delivering it, and if you ordered last week, you may have noticed that we have dramatically adjusted our schedule to get orders out earlier.

Liz at Essa Seedlings and Sprouts is making beautiful bouquets of flowers for us, and can you believe that the Sosnickis have watermelons for sale? Hurray!!! (Those extra exclamation points are for Jessie!!!)

Wishing you a Happy High Summer Week!

Anne and the Market Crew

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