Peachy News

Peachy News

Hello Market Friends:
Calgary can keep their stampede, we’ve got our own; it’s PEACH SEASON! That’s Nyah, the official peach taste tester at Wiecha Farms hard at work. You better believe good things grow in Ontario! 3-litre peach baskets have just been restocked, so grab them while you can!

It’s the season for cantaloupes and plums and cherry tomatoes, we’ve got a country fair’s worth of pies, breads, pickles and jams, and all sorts of specialty foods to choose from.

Happy to report that Mother Dough and Japaneats are back, but Chi will only be attending every other week now that she has moved to the country, so get your favourite sushi rolls, mochi and miso when you spot her products on the site.

We are welcoming special visitors this week: our neighbours, the women of Dreamers’ Kitchen (working out of The Dep) are featuring absolutely wonderful kits to make your own Qatayef (semolina crepes). Take a look at all the delectable things included!  All you need to add is ricotta, and you’ve got a spectacular brunch in the making. The kits would make great gifts (hint, hint!).

Make your Own Qatayef Kit Card

A reminder: if you or anyone you know needs help with placing orders, it’s available on Sunday afternoons, and if you have problems or questions we might be able to assist with, please get in touch via or call 888-4DGROVE between noon and four pm any day of the week, and from 10-4 on Thursdays.

Last Thursday I brought home a bunch of Teds purslane with my market order.
“That looks like something that’s going to end up in the compost”, said my partner, who shall remain nameless after this remark. Apparently, SOME PEOPLE don’t know that per calorie, purslane is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet! At $2 a bunch, it’s also a real bargain. So, I set about making a  DELICIOUS salad with that beautiful bunch of weeds, and I am going to share the recipe so you can show any skeptics in your neck of the woods just how tasty it is!


July Salad
the leaves and tender stems of half a bunch of Ted Thorpe’s purslane (rinse it well just as you are going to use it)
the leaves from a generous branch of basil (another of Ted’s great deals: a very large plant is $4)
three Reye’s Farms nectarines, chopped
half of a tasty Marvellous Edibles cucumber, chopped
juice of one lime
a generous sprinkling of salt and harissa
a drizzle of Bees Universe honey

Toss well and devour, sharing with your favourite curmudgeons.

Shop’s Open! Thanks for your Support!
Anne and the Market Crew

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