Who Knew? 🌰

Who Knew? 🌰

Hello Market Friends:

Now that we are really sure 2020 is behind us, it seems worth a brief backwards glance.

Can you believe that in December we passed 10,000 orders and 100,000 items purchased through our shop? 

This certainly did not seem like where we were headed on the windy April Thursday when a small band of chilly helpers ran between the farm trucks parked on the north edge of the park grabbing items to fill orders, and then delivered them until late that night– and all day Friday!

If you like statistics, it is heartening to see some numbers which show how loyal the support of this market community has been.

Since we were welcomed by the great folks at St. Anne’s and we got our feet under us last May, we have had over 200 orders a week every week, and well over 300 through the busiest times, with order numbers peaking at 381 during the (now-legendary) August Peach Frenzy, and the roof blowing off the total dollars spent chart on the last market of the year, when over $32,000 of our producers’ wonderful wares were purchased. Together we have helped well over 30 local farms and food businesses survive through this difficult time.

If you don’t care for stats, that’s fine, because the best part of this story is how you have helped us to preserve, and in some ways enhance the community feeling that has always been a special part of the Dufferin Grove Market. 

So on to the future! We don’t know yet when the pandemic will end, or what the demolition and re-building in the park will mean for the market, but we will carry on.

We have more of your favourite vendors this week:

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Linzer Fingerling Potatoes
from Marvellous Edibles$6

Marvellous Edibles has all kinds of fowl, baking, preserves, storage vegetables and even some fresh greens.

Happily, Sosnicki Organics have decided to participate every time for the next few weeks, with cabbagesonionsdelicious prepared foods, and their ongoing winter harvest of sweet carrots. I am hoping Jessie can persuade Ben to take it easy while he can, as his habit is to load the van at 4:30 am and send their driver Joe on his way around 5:30 am, meaning that he is already waiting at the depot when I get there.

First Fish is back too!

We’ve expanded our delivery radius and Matt put out a call yesterday asking folks to spread the word. If you receive our newsletter the email should be in your inbox.

Enjoy great local meals from our winter market!

Anne & the Crew