Outdoor Season in Full Swing

knuckle down

Header Photo Courtesy of Anne Freeman


A bit of a gloomier day did not deter the lovely folks in the community from coming out and we could not have been more appreciative. 

As many of you have surely heard, the amazing Anne Freeman has stepped down as the Market Captain which sadly means she will not be blessing us with her lovely writing every week anymore, so you’re going to be stuck with the rest of us trying to fit into those enormous shoes! 


Owner of JiggyPopz, Jessica, is a new Popsicle vendor for us, a must have now that the weather is getting warmer!

Each week we have varying vendors and farmers with us and we are happy to announce that Patti Robinson of Robinson Bread is back in the park with us! And coming soon she will have Sam James Coffee Bar‘s incredible locally brewed Cold Brew coffee for sale at her table, ! No matter what though she will have all her amazing breads and cookies to help brighten up your day, always keep an eye out for her Cinnamon Snails and Multigrain Sourdough!

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2022 05 26 14.41.37

Delivery team frivolously packing up all the seedlings for orders 🙂

Ying Ying Soy is also back with our online store every other week now too, so make sure to get your soy products!!
Nigari Firm Tofu
2022 05 26 14.35.54

Also back this week are Everbearing strawberries from Reyes Farms.

“These strawberries are sweet and much firmer than the June Bearing Berries. They are not Organic; because these strawberries produce all year round they are much more challenging to grow Organically as they have a long term exposure to disease. They would be considered conventionally grown using an integrated pest management approach.   We use a combination of an Integrated pest management approach to manage mold & fungus; along with using registered organic sprays and possible conventional sprays when in need to survive the crop.   We choose only products that have a green listing which translates into products that will not harm beneficial insects and only act as a surfactant for protection.” – Mimi of Reyes Farms.

organic strawberries 1 flat 6 quarts

So don’t miss out on getting the first batch of strawberries this year!! 

20220519 160134

In October 2020, Yoni and his wife, Samantha, started Lev Bakery from the oven in their family home; and we are happy to have them at our market, don’t miss out on their delicious and beautiful Challah!!

20220526 143911

A lovely photo of the fabulous Liz from Essa Seedlings

Come by the park Thursdays from 3-7 or place your delivery orders online now, can’t wait to see everyone back again next week 🙂