Jumpin’ June-iper!

Nicole and Carrianne

Sorry for the teaser folks – no Juniper at the market this week, but with so much happening this month, I just couldn’t resist the alliteration!

Ok, so first off, hello “Dufferin Grovers”! (Nicole here.) I’ve written these newsletters in the past, from time to time, but this is my first, as your market manager – and I’m stoked!

Also, thank you to the many of you who have come up and congratulated me on my new position. Although I’ve been involved with the Dufferin Grove Market for over a decade and a half, I’m very new to this role – wish me luck!

Featured above, was one of my earliest memories of working at this market. Circa 2005, with my (then 4 year-old) daughter Carianne – we sure did sell a lot of basil that day!

seedling basil compact 4 pack

Kooner Farms
Italian Green Leaf Basil Seedlings

And now back to “jam-packed June”! Well this month (among other things), is Pride month! And perhaps this year, more than ever, we need an event focusing around inclusion, tolerance and peace, if you will. That’s definitely what stands out for me, about Pride.

But wait, there’s more! June is also bike month – and with so many great trails in our fair city, if you’re an avid cyclist like myself, this is your moment!

And June also gifts us with summer solstice. This year, the longest day of the year falls on June 21st, (fyi). Don’t miss it!

And the final mention I’ll make (about June), is Father’s Day – because, how could I not? Still a way off, but if you needed an early reminder about June 19th, you’re welcome.

Ok, now back to our dear market, as a lot is happening there as well! So for this coming market, June 9th, TC Tibetan Momos will be back. So if you’ve been craving them, now’s the time.

2022 05 26 14.34.54

Lhundup of TC MOMO

Heartwood Farms is also back this week, with their delicious cider – so refreshing!


And two of our large growers that haven’t appeared yet, at the park this season, are Kooner Farms and Aldergrove Farm. Both will have lots of amazing greens to choose from!

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Now if you’ve ever been looking for ways to “jazz up” your french toast, you can now thank “the amazing” Erin George – a long-time Dufferin Grove Market customer. But technically, the creation is from Erin’s young son, Ian, and photographed by her daughter, Quinn. According to Erin, Ian used Lev Bakery’s raisin Challah bread topped with edible flowers from Essa seedlings – yum!


Other mentions:

Community Fridges Toronto, who have been at the last couple of markets are grateful for the support they’ve been receiving. According to Jo, (of CFTO): “we are at the market collecting food, buying extra supporting both the farmers/vendors and community – and using Bike Brigade to get it out fresh, to all our locations.” Please take a moment to visit their table if you can.

Save Our Soil”. Many of you are probably aware that there’s currently, a global Save Soil movement. Visit: https://www.consciousplanet.org/soil. And to raise further awareness, a walkathon on Father’s Day will take place at St. Lawrence Market. For more information, please get in touch with: maciej@wieczorek.com – Thanks to Maciej Wieczorek for writing this piece about the huge importance of soils, and the global movement to protect them:


Repair Café returns to the market this week – their first time “back in the park”, since 2019! Feel free to bring your household items in need of repair, and watch them in action!

repairdetails 1024x672 1
And lastly, thanks to many of you who’ve been supporting our Toonie Treats Table! Coming soon: hot dogs!

Enjoy the market,