Rainbow Road


We made it through our first (somewhat) rainy market day, with flying colours….so much so that it resulted in a rainbow for the whole city to see! But seriously, a big shoutout and thank you to everyone who came out and supported us on such a gloomy day!

Including the lovely musical guests and Clay and Paper theatre for putting on such lovely performances all evening long! Hopefully you got to see the big chickens dancing around!

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Clay and Paper Theatre

As has been said many times, but never enough, THANK YOU ANNE FREEMAN for everything she has done for not just the market, but the community as a whole over the 20 years she has overseen this operation. Even as a family friend, I can attest to how incredible of a person she has always been and I am so grateful for the opportunity and kindness she has always shown.

Colette and anne

Stunning photo of Anne and Colette (Urban Harvest) from a few years back 🙂

Spade and Spoon will be back this week so make sure you snag your sauerkraut and maple syrup!

Spade and spoon jars

Keep an eye out for our unreal Kombucha Vendors such as Alchemy Pickle Company! PS they also have Kimchi!

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And speaking of opportunity, don’t miss out on all your seedling needs this time of year. Whether you’re coming to the market or getting your order delivered we will get your seedlings to you!! PS the basil seedlings smell AMAZING and the Kale looks stellar!

Kale seedlings 1024x926 1

Kale Seedlings from Kooner Farms

Also make sure you keep an eye out for one of our new vendors Lev Bakery who will be coming to the online store shortly, making sure you get your delicious Challah and Babka even if you can’t make it to the market that day!

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The Fabulous Yoni (left) of Lev Bakery!

Thank you to everyone, and looking forward to another successful week 🙂