Thunderous Thursday


Yes, that’s right – August 7-14 is Farmers’ Market Week! Farmers Markets Ontario describes it as:“A chance to celebrate the wonderful experience of shopping and supporting local farmers’ markets. It is extremely important that our association works together to showcase to consumers your efforts in creating the best farmers’ markets in Ontario! Farmers’ Market Week […]

The Matrix!


Hi folks, and thanks for “tuning in”! It’s me, Nicole, writing to you this week, so “hello”!   So why the “Matrix” you ask? Or “what does that have to do with a farmer’s market?”   A fair ask! You see, this week’s newsletter is largely dedicated to, or (partially) guest-written by, Chang Liu. (If […]

Rainbow Road


We made it through our first (somewhat) rainy market day, with flying colours….so much so that it resulted in a rainbow for the whole city to see! But seriously, a big shoutout and thank you to everyone who came out and supported us on such a gloomy day! Including the lovely musical guests and Clay […]