Rest & Digest


We have two more online markets at the depot, and then we will bid a fond farewell to our hosts at St. Anne’s. Along with a big debt of gratitude to the whole St. Anne’s community for their willingness to give us shelter in a storm, we owe special thanks to the ever-patient Juli, Caretaker […]

Shout it out!

Eastern screech owl - seed paper greeting card

We’re shouting it from the rooftops: GOOD-HEARTED-LEVEL-HEADED-COMMUNITY-MINDED-WELL-INFORMED-PRO-ORGANIC-PEOPLE NEEDED!   You may have read our callout for new board members already, but in case you missed it, we’re including it again at the end of this newsletter. If you aren’t the right person, do you know someone who needs a little nudge to step forward? Please […]

A Truly Unbiased Review

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Hello Market Community, Matt joining you this week. I’ve written here before about what’s beautiful and what’s strange at the market. The news this year has had a lot of updates from babies to branding to lambing to SEO to CEO’s and returning to the park. We’ve been covering every corner of what makes a farmers’ market community. But…have we missed the […]