Thank You ‘Dufferin-Grovers’!

HELP US KEEP THE MARKET GOING   Yes indeed folks – because of your kindness [...]

Peaches, Cream, & Trouble

  What a hot couple of days it’s been! But not even heat warnings and [...]

Mindful Gratitude

Hmm.. That phrase can mean many things, no? And honestly, I’m not sure that I [...]

Summertime Sunshine

After a few weeks of that intense humidity and heat we were blessed with arguably [...]

Super, Sizzlin’ Summer!

Yup – it’s hot! And I say “yippee”! But if you’re less of a fan [...]

Hot, Humid, Happy

What a week! Even with the intense heat and humidity I want to thank everyone [...]

The Matrix!

Hi folks, and thanks for “tuning in”! It’s me, Nicole, writing to you this week, [...]

Rainbow Road

We made it through our first (somewhat) rainy market day, with flying colours….so much so [...]

Jumpin’ June-iper!

Jumpin’ June-iper!

Outdoor Season in Full Swing

A bit of a gloomier day did not deter the lovely folks in the community [...]