Autumn Falls


Summer may be at its end, but oh boy do we have an exciting fall here at the market, with tons of amazing fruits and veggies coming into season!   As many of you have heard, the online store/deliveries is done for the time being; however first and foremost, I would like to thank everyone […]

Bittersweet Summer?


Well I pose that as a question, because I guess it depends on your overall outlook of the last week of August.   For me, I’m somewhere in the middle. I do love a long, lingering summer, but I also love the bounty that fall provides. And with the amazing farmers at Dufferin Grove, that […]

New Faces, “Old” Faces…


I’m sure that many of you would agree that this market season has been truly overwhelming in a number of  ways. For one, our little market persisted right on through, even during an unpredictable and highly-challenging pandemic. And then of course, there were the financial difficulties that the market was facing last month – and […]

Roaring August


Dear Market Community, It’s been a while! My name is Aanastasia, and I am guest-writing the market news this week. Some of you may remember me from when I wore the hat of Data and Inventory Manager for the online market during the early days of the pandemic. I am excited and grateful to continue […]