A Lot to Share

A Lot to Share

Hello New Market Friends:

Some of you have met me already, my name is Matt and I’m one of the new team members thanks to funding received from the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

I learned quickly just how much you all miss seeing the vendors in person.Thoughtful emails, lovely comments on social media showing support and notes on orders to just say “HI!”.  Expect to see and hear more from our vendors soon! We’re working to show you more of what they’ve been up to and how they’re doing.

Keep engaging with us on social media and keep sharing those posts and tagging us in your stories. Those shares and comments introduce new people to us. Our new physically distant model would not have been a success without people spreading the word about the new system. Thank you so much and keep it going!

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So what’s the big news this week? The bright, delicious, organic news you opened this email in hopes of hearing? Sosnickis’ Corn on the Cob is back and ready to be ordered! Many farmers will say that corn cannot be grown organically, but Ben and Jessie put them to shame! Sosnicki always means business with their organic produce. If you have any idea of how many you want to order, maybe do future you a favour and double that.

UPDATE: Sosnicki has already sold out corn! If you’re looking for a great substitute side dish, I would pick up one or two of their cantaloupes to make a cantaloupe salsa with diced spring onions and fresh sage. Pairs perfectly with either a Lamb Shoulder Chop or Lamb Ribs from Buschbeck Farms.

Our newest vendor is really helping us make sure we have all the food you need for the week. The whole grocery list. Kooner Organics has incredible produce and we are really hoping you’ll show them some love. This week they have everything from Chili Peppers to Rapini, Patty Pan Squash to Okra, and loads more. Thank you, Joti and Indy for joining the market!

With cooking comes cleaning (for someone, not you, you’ve been cooking all day!) and Kawartha Broom Co. are finally back at the market! I never say no to a little more beauty in my home. I highly recommend you check out these beautiful and practical pieces from Mary and Bobby.

Peaches continue this week from both Reyes and Wiecha farms. Serious peach shoppers have been waiting for the first freestone varieties, and they are now ripe and ready to order! Wiecha Farms will even be offering a special deal on flats. Peaches are more plentiful now that the season is really underway, but it’s still wise to order early. If you’re searching our online shop and seeing items are out of stock, please consider trying out something new and maybe a new recipe at home. Items like Dino Kale, Herbs and Collard Greens from Sundance, and Roasting Chickens are big favourites every week and are consistently available.

Heads up: it’s a good idea to select Pick-up if you’re ordering a Kawartha Broom or opting for one of the flat deals our vendors are offering. You’ll notice these larger items come with an added $5 charge if you opt for delivery.

A reminder: if you or anyone you know would like help with placing orders, it’s available on Sunday afternoons, and if you have problems or questions we might be able to assist with, please get in touch via www.dufferingrovemarket.ca or call 888-4DGROVE (1-844-434-7683) between noon and four pm any day of the week, and from 10-4 on Thursdays.

That was a lot to read! I can’t imagine how much work it was for the farmers to grow it. Shop’s Open! Thanks for your support online and off!

— Matt and the Market Crew

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