High Summer

High Summer

Hello Market Friends:

My name is Calla and I’m your market news guest author of the week. I’ve been coming to the market since I was about 5 years old, and have many happy memories of exploring the park and enjoying market treats (my budget as a kid was pretty much reserved for honey sticks from Bees Universe and mini pizzas from the park oven). Nowadays, I help out by assisting Peter with the online store, taking product photos, making signs, packing orders on Thursdays, and a variety of other odd jobs!

Some Vendor News:

Last week was Lapapampa’s last week at the market, but you can still find delicious organic dried mangoes on their site, here. It was also Japaneats last week at the market for a while, sad news for all sushi, mochi, and miso soup lovers. Tapioca Toronto, Culture City, and Knuckle Down Farm are all away this week.

Our new vendors, Kawartha Broom Co. and Kooner Farms, both had a roaring first week and you can be sure to see more of their products! I was particularly charmed by Kooner Farms’ Small Round Eggplant Pint, and gave some to my friends who suggested that one eggplant could make a rat-sized ratatouille. Nothing better than the gift of Ontario produce for this hot (hot! hot!) summer.


Let’s get to what everyone has been waiting to hear about: Peaches! The next variety of peaches is just ripening at Wiecha Farms, and it has been hard to predict how many will be ready for Thursday. Connie Wiecha has just added 90 more baskets to the shop and hopes to add more still if they look good tomorrow. It’s a jump ahead or hold back dilemma when you are providing tree-ripened fruit!  Next week she expects to have more flats available, and lots more peaches! Luckily, Reye’s has lots too, as well as blue plums.

Summer stars like peaches, watermelons, and corn won’t be at the market for long, so grab them while you can! Otherwise, start thinking about fall favorites and looking into less fickle products (that don’t desert you at the first sign of cold weather) like some of Spade and Spoon or Marvellous Edibles’ lovely preserves, GreenFlorin’s dried fruits, and dips from Earth + City.


And now some tips for picking up your market order:

All the exciting summer produce has meant that we have more and more complex orders each week. As we do our best to keep up with the demand, we hope that you can help this effort by checking your order before you leave! You can make use of our handy order checking table (we are adding a second one this week to make the process easier) to look for any missing items, especially cooler items and fruit which are picked up from the tents outside rather than pre-packed. It’s much easier for us to find missing items if you are still on-site, rather than after you leave, as doing extra deliveries and issuing credits can be hard on the market.

Enjoy the summer eating! Thanks for supporting the market.

Calla and the Market Crew

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