Last OUTDOOR One – Don’t Miss Out!


Last outdoor market of the year?? Say it isn’t so! Ah, but what a season it’s been! 🙂

And please allow me to extend a special thanks to all of you, for making my first season as market manager, such a thrill! Sure, there may have been some bumps along the way, but all in all, what a time it’s been! xxo


But hey! We’re not done yet! Remember that we will have an indoor market, starting November 17th, at St Anne’s church – 270 Gladstone Ave. This will be in the basement of the rectory hall, (fyi.) The last indoor market will be December 22nd, 2022. We hope to know by late November, if we will be able to continue at St Anne’s in the new year, and early spring.


Ok, and now, a special treat! Introducing.. Cora James!!

Cora sits on our Board of Directors, and to our delight, will be guest-writing the newsletter this week!


And now, from Cora:


“The air definitely has a chill to it now as I walk towards the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market in the hopes of securing Autumn’s bounty. There’s something to be said about shopping amongst trees decorated in red and orange while the market’s musician sings the Ramones’ “Pet Cemetery”. It’s nearly Halloween.


Aldergrove Farms displays bright orange pumpkins in sizes large and small, which seem almost too beautiful to carve.


I grab a basket of kalettes – a new-to-me vegetable born of combining a brussel sprout with kale – and a bunch of crimson beets with tops intact. I google kalettes for cooking instructions, and decide to roast them quickly on high heat for dinner, finished with a squeeze of lemon.


Rogers Ranch sells pork and beef, and nothing says autumn cuisine, like a pork chop with Ontario apples. Sauté your apples in butter for extra decadence.

I know they are a market favourite, but I feel it’s necessary to point out the abundant display of broccoli and cauliflower at the Kooner Farms table. The pile of green broccoli provides a contrast to the overcast sky, and entices me to purchase.


This week is the last week for a park market until May, and I strongly encourage everyone to stock up on jarred items – honey from Bees Universe (have you tried the sunflower honey?), or syrups from Forbes Wild Foods. Also having much to offer in jars, is Green Florin, with their dried fruit, and various selection of nuts.


And because you deserve a treat for venturing out in the cold, grab a cookie or an onion bun from Robinson Bread, or the tahini babka from Lev Bakery, (trust me on this). Eat it slowly as you walk home, or wait until you are there, and eat it over your kitchen sink while warming an apple cider.


Don’t let Autumn move you inside just yet – the last market in the park for this year promises to bring a bounty from vendors, and I know that Nicole has a few surprises up her sleeve, too.

I hope to see you there!


Wow! Well-said Cora!


And speaking of “vendor bounty” first up, is Knuckle Down Farms, who are returning to us this week. And here’s word from Jenny (of Knuckle Down):

“Last chance to stock up on Knuckle Down Farm’s garlic! I will also have some fall radishes, cute little cabbages and all the greens I can cut!”


Other returning vendors this week: Urban Harvest, Heartwood Cider, TC Tibetan Momos, and Jiggy Popz. Aldergrove Farms sends their regrets however, as they will have to miss the last market.


And last week many of you probably noticed that several of our “regular” vendors were missing last week. Disappointing I know, but perhaps that made it somewhat of a more intimate or “cozy” shopping experience? Haha – why not? Either way, thanks for your patience with us. And with the exception of Sosnicki’s, they should all be back next week. 🙂


Community stuff..

Remember that NIght of Dread is next Saturday, (Oct 29th!) What better way to celebrate your “Pre-Halloween”? However, today (October 23rd, (11-4pm), is the last day for the lantern-making workshops being offered by Clay and Paper Theatre. So (if not too late), please email to book your workshop spot. But if too late for a workshop, please look for C & P at market this week, to learn more about this spectacular event!


And some of you may have also noticed that Girl Guides of Canada was at last market. Well being a former Girl Guide myself, it’s so nice to see that this organization is still going strong! However, they are currently asking for some volunteer assistance.


Here’s a note Kristina Martens, of Girl Guides:

“Girl Guides is looking for women interested in volunteering with a new Brownie group (ages 6-8) opening in our neighbourhood. The location is tbd, but near Bickford Park. 

Girl Guides is a place where girls can have fun together with new friends. From scavenger hunt and science experiments to sharing dance moves and exploring her community, girls can explore their interests and try out something new. Volunteers are mentors helping build skills and have fun. Time commitments and role vary depending on what you are able to do. Find out more at or email:” 


A few reminders..

This year, 2022, marks the market’s 20th birthday! Wow, can you believe it? Couldn’t have gotten here without you, Anne Freeman! (Just had to throw that in there. haha) But seriously, you rock Anne! xx 


And as we celebrate the market’s birthday, and the end of the outdoor season, please join us on Thursday, for some good cheer and good treats – including face-painting!

face paint

And if you haven’t purchased one of our fabulous market bags, now’s the time! Just $20 – but also look out for some giveaways on Thursday – wink, wink! 


Callouts (once again):

1) Volunteers – if you’ve got a couple of hours on a Thursday afternoon, please reach out: – “volunteering”, as the subject. mainly with setting up and tearing down, please reach out to us. This would mainly be for shifts between 11am-3pm, or 5:30-8pm.

2) Musicians: this is for our indoor venue at St Anne’s church. We’re looking for musicians who can adapt to a more intimate setting than outdoor. If you can send a brief clip, or just drop me a line (also to info@), that would be great!


Any recipes to share? Please send them to:  


Til Thursday everyone – we got this! ❤️


LIST of VENDORS _ October 27th, 2022

Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Bees Universe
  • Reyes Farms
  • Plan B Organics
  • Greenhouse Eatery
  • All Sorts Acres
  • Kooner Farms
  • Kind Organics
  • Nith Valley
  • Nature’s Way
  • Urban Harvest
  • Rogers Ranch

Prepared Foods:

  • La Mexicana
  • Tapioca Toronto 
  • Magic Oven
  • TC Tibetan Momos


Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Robinson Bakery 
  • Lev Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • ChocoSol
  • Green Florin
  • Hola Alegrias
  • Jiggy Popz

Cider & Brewery:

  • Heartwood Cider 

Special Events/Guests:

  • Clay & Paper Theatre
  • Community Fridges