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Love Stories from Farms and Kitchens

Before we get into the news, a reminder that this is Repair Café week! Check [...]

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Hello Market Friends: I was surprised when I heard the old saying, ‘What goes around, [...]

Stories and Storms 🌪️

Hello Market Friends: There is no pretending that the climate crisis only affects people far [...]

Melon-Mania! 🍈

Hello Market Friends:  Another guest writer for you this week folks. It’s me, Nicole, your PPP [...]

The Local Arts Scene

Hello Market Friends:  Matt is guest writing this week! How’s it going? In spite of how [...]

Drum Roll Please…

Matt here. Is it July already?! Where to begin… Do you have lots of reusable [...]

The Early Birds get the Ferns

Photo by Seth Goering Hello Market Friends: We’ve got some swift and savvy shoppers! I [...]

The 2021 Forecast

Hello Market Friends: A year has passed since the market moved operations to the Parish [...]

Abuzz with Excitement

Hello Market Friends: For beekeepers, the first warm days of spring can be an anxious [...]

MiddleMarch News

Contented sheep at All Sorts Acres Farm. Photos by Jennifer Osborne Hello Market Friends: I think we got [...]