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Summertime Sunshine

After a few weeks of that intense humidity and heat we were blessed with arguably [...]

Super, Sizzlin’ Summer!

Yup – it’s hot! And I say “yippee”! But if you’re less of a fan [...]

Pickles and Ice Cream and Chinese Sticky Rice Cake

(Please take note of the parking information at the end of the news) The market [...]

Shameless Self-Promotion

Hello Market Friends: I might as well come right out with it. We know many [...]

Birds’ Eye View News

Hello Market Friends: Hope you are enjoying the long weekend! We are really excited to welcome a [...]

Who Knew? 🌰

Hello Market Friends: Now that we are really sure 2020 is behind us, it seems [...]

Glad to be Here 🌹

Hello Market Friends: We are so glad we can continue to offer you a safe [...]

High Summer

Hello Market Friends: My name is Calla and I’m your market news guest author of [...]

A Different Way

Hello Market Friends: There was a new moon this week, and I hear that means [...]

Early Market News -Time-Sensitive!

Hello Market Friends: I am sending this image of early daffodils as a reminder that [...]