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The Shift

Hello Market Friends: We’ve come to the last market day in August, and a shift [...]

A Lot to Share

Hello New Market Friends: Some of you have met me already, my name is Matt [...]

Zealous for Zucchini

Happy Sunday Everyone! Here’s wishing you a fruitful week ahead. Anne is away this week. [...]

Peachy News

Hello Market Friends: Calgary can keep their stampede, we’ve got our own; it’s PEACH SEASON! [...]

The Things We do for Love

Hello Market Friends: Have you ever spent half an afternoon shelling peas, only to see [...]

Singing in the Heat

Hello Market Friends: In honour of the exciting produce coming in this week, I have [...]

No Fiddleheads, but Plenty of Tales

Hello Market Friends: Over the years, many people have suggested that there should be a [...]

Happy Thursday!

Hello Market Friends: We’ve got a great crop of winter vendors this year, making Thursdays [...]

The Best Laid Plans

Hello Market Friends: Sometimes it seems (knock on wood) that the week there is a [...]

Wild Food, but not Wild Weather

Hello Market Friends: Okay, we will admit that we didn’t have the easiest transition to [...]