The Dufferin Grove Market Web Store is Open

The Dufferin Grove Market Web Store is Open

Hello Market Friends:
Many of you are probably digging into the cupboards and freezer to make creative meals from what you have on hand, but wondering what will be around next month. If you have a moment to reply, would you share what your main food sources are currently, and what options you see ahead?

Behind the scenes, it has been a very busy week! We are tremendously fortunate to have Peter Wills (of Word and Data, and Knuckle Down Farm) on our Dufferin team. Since we realized that shifting to online ordering was our best option to keep the local food chain from breaking, Peter has put every minute he could spare into building a carefully thought out and easy to use ordering ‘market shop’ for us.

the dufferin grove market web store is open
Our fearless Web Developer Peter Wills

Today we are proud to introduce you to the Dufferin Grove Market Web Store! Get out your trumpet or your kazoo and give a cheer!!  The site will allow you to place orders from multiple farmers and vendors at once, pay for your order and arrange pickup or delivery, all in one pleasant visit.

What you see today is just the start. Not all our vendors are on the site yet, but as the growing season builds, the numbers will too. By late April, we will have a neighbourhood depot from which we can safely organize and send out orders. We’ll fill in the details as we get there.

Take a look at the new site! We welcome your feedback. Orders for Thursday April 9th are due Tuesday at midnight!

Please support our farmers and vendors, and keep our market community strong.
Anne Freeman

P.S. You can still place orders with some of the vendors who are not listed yet, including Marvellous Edibles. Order via their online shop ! Jens is coming to the city Saturday to bring orders, but not to Dufferin Grove, so you will need to pick up your order on Saturday at one of their dropoff locations.

Other Vendors to Order from (dates and delivery methods vary):

All Sorts Acre
First Fish
Earth & City
Forbes Wild Foods
Heriter Farms
Monforte Dairy
Urban Harvest

P.P.S. While you are writing to me about your food sources, I have a question to add: Do you like the idea of a $40 – $50 weekly ‘Dufferin Basket’ containing a selection of seasonal produce and other market products, or do you prefer choosing each item you wish to buy?