No Blues except the Musical Kind

Thanks to the market, we can eat like champions on these frosty days and nights. Hearty local fare is just the thing to send any seasonal ailments packing and keep your inner fire glowing. Soups and stews and all things simmered, with enough fresh greens thrown into the mix to remind you that spring will return. There are all the root vegetables, deep-flavoured wild mushrooms, plus bones if you want them for making broth.

Don’t forget a few sweet treats, too! We thought DeFloured would be absent, as Chris and Krista have flown the coop, but our good friend Shayne, who staffed the table all summer, will bring their goodies to market.

ChocoSol will be back, and Everdale Organic Farm too. Make your way to the garage, and you might catch Rodrigo from Plan B playing blues guitar as well as selling veggies.

Put a little warmth in your winter. Come to the market!
See you soon,
Anne Freeman

This Week’s Vendors:

Ali Harris: rotis, fritters, beverages
All Sorts Acre: lamb, wool, and related products
Bees Universe: honey, beeswax candles, eggs, bee products
ChocoSol: chocolate, coffee, beverages
Country Meadows: olives, oil, eggs, cheeses
DeFloured: gluten-free baking
Dufferin Park Bakers: wood-fired oven breads, salads, snacks
Everdale Organic Farm: organic veggies
Forbes Wild Foods: nuts, mushrooms & other wild foods
Kind Organics: sprouts, salad mixes, teas
Marvellous Edibles: pastured poultry, meats, organic vegetables
Monforte Dairy: cheeses from many milks
Plan B: organic produce
Spade & Spoon: pickles, jams, maple syrup, soup