Out with the Cold, in with the New

Out with the Cold, in with the New

Hello Market Friends:
I took my annual photo of the first snowdrops today, so that makes it pretty official. We are on the brink of a new season! Please help us spread the word, and invite your friends along next week, when we will celebrate the Vernal Equinox, that tipping point when light wins once again! Jason Kun of Island Oysters will be shucking fresh oysters with his special panache, and a full house of vendors will be offering free samples of their delicious wares. Be there!!

This week, we’d like to introduce you to another farmer. Mike Madden of Thor Farms will be coming, and hopefully alternating with Olivia of Huber’s Wildwood Farm until we have space for both outside. Here’s a note from Mike:

“Thor Farms is very excited to be a part of the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market. We offer natural grass-fed barley finished Black Angus beef as individual cuts and packages as well.  We raise our cattle on pasture and grass hay and those that come to market are fed some barley for flavour.  We practice eco-friendly farming to ensure that our meat is natural and free of steroids, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides.  We also use natural fertilizer, cattle manure, to return the nutrients back to the land. We are a farm in transition and will be certified organic in 2020 by Pro-Cert.
Thor Farms has been providing my family with natural grass-fed beef since 1972 and we look forward to doing the same for you.”

out with the cold in with the new
Thor Farms is located on Hwy 27, five minutes south of Barrie, near the village of Thornton.

Jens of Marvellous Edibles has returned from traveling and will be back in his usual spot, and we are expecting Bees Universe, too.

Shayne will be coming this time, but DeFloured is looking for market help on Mondays and Thursdays. A driver’s license is required, and candidates must be good with money and like people! Email <defloured@gmail.com> if you are interested.

Heidrun‘s Dufferin Park Bakers’ Bread List for this week:
Sourdoughs will be Potato-Rosemary and Olive-Onion;
Artisan Breads will be Baguette and Kamut;
Italian Loaves will be Rosemary, Multigrain, and Raisin,
and there will be Rice Flour Bread.

Oh, and since you asked, here are those snowdrops:
2019 03 13 13.40.03

See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

This Week’s Vendors:
Ali Harris (rotis, sandwiches, drinks)
Bees Universe (honey, eggs, knife sharpening)
Country Meadows (olives, oil, cheese, eggs)
Culture City (fermented foods)
DeFloured (gluten-free baking)
Dufferin Park Bakers (wood-fired oven breads, soups & snacks)
Forbes Wild Foods (mushrooms, nuts, syrup and more)
Green Florin (nuts, oils and dried fruits)
Kind Organics (sprouts and salad mixes)
Marvellous Edibles (certified organic produce)
Monforte Dairy (local cheeses from a variety of milks)
Plan B (local and imported organic produce)
Spade & Spoon (preserves, syrup)
Thor Farms (beef) (visiting vendor)

2019 03 09 13.29.37