Hello Sunny Thursday!

Hello Market Friends:
We are hoping that we won’t have any more stormy Thursdays for a long, long time! However, dear reader, if we do, the curse of the market news could strike again! That is, the very vendor I chirp loudly about on Wednesday afternoon, the one who sells exactly what you’re after, could finish digging out from under a snowdrift on market morning only to find the truck won’t start, or get called to the barn to deliver triplets, or face some other misadventure that means a message rolls in at a quarter to 2 to say “CAN’T MAKE IT.” There go the best-laid plans.

I don’t want to fill your inbox with e-blasts about every flat tire, but I will do my best to update our website (dufferingrovemarket.ca) with any late-breaking information, so if you are really counting on finding a particular vendor, you can check just before heading out to the market. I can’t guarantee perfection, and I hope that you’ll be glad you came even if it turns out someone is away.

This week, we have a good gang coming again:

Heriter Farms returns with certified organic beef and pork.
All Sorts Acres will be in with wool, felting supplies, lamb and some sheep dairy.
Plenty of eggs from Country Meadows, Bees Universe and Marvellous Edibles.
Green Florin will have lots of dried fruits and nuts from Moldova, and we hope Vasile can pick up some storage crops from Pine River as well.
Monforte Dairy is bringing a lovely load of cheeses.
And let’s not take our steadfast attendees for granted!
Ali Harris is prepping roti and sandwich fillings, Seth from Forbes Wild Foods has lots of maple syrup and wild delicacies, Krista is busy baking in the DeFloured kitchen, Gladys and Manny are making tasty tamales, (our hero) Rodrigo will bring us a good haul of fresh local and imported produce from Plan B, and….
Here is the Dufferin Park Bakers list:
Sourdoughs: caraway-multigrain, rye, olive-onion
Artisans: multigrain, cranberry-walnut, spelt-walnut, potato-onion buns
Italians: rosemary, multigrain, cranberry-poppy seed
Rice bread
Sundance Farms will be absent until sometime in April. Cheyenne is clearing and cleaning her greenhouse for spring plantings, and will be back when the first are ready to pick.
The news is full of worrisome and uncertain predictions. As Nicole Jacobs wisely remarked, “There’s an elephant in every room these days.” Last week, one of our elder regulars expressed concern about the arrival of Covid-19.  We don’t want to live in fear, but we ask everyone to stick to tried and true basics: you can help to protect those whose health is fragile by washing hands frequently, directing any sneezes or coughs into sleeves, and staying home if you are feeling unwell. And look after yourself by eating healthy food and getting lots of almost-spring sunshine, too.
See you at the market!
Anne Freeman
This Week’s Vendors: