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The 2021 Forecast

Hello Market Friends: A year has passed since the market moved operations to the Parish [...]

Abuzz with Excitement

Hello Market Friends: For beekeepers, the first warm days of spring can be an anxious [...]

The Equinox Edition

Witch hazels blooming on Havelock Street: a sure sign of spring Hello Market Friends: It’s Official! [...]

Spring Forward! Daylight Savings News

Hello Market Friends: On my frequent trips to admire the big patch of snowdrops on [...]

MiddleMarch News

Contented sheep at All Sorts Acres Farm. Photos by Jennifer Osborne Hello Market Friends: I think we got [...]

What Season Is It, Anyway?

  Hello Market Friends: When Clay and Paper Theatre’s David Anderson arrived a little late to pick [...]

I Hope This Newsletter Finds You Well

Wild Hedgehog Mushrooms fresh from Oregon, available from Forbes Wild Foods. Buttery flavour and very versatile! Hello Market Friends: [...]

Oxen, Cardinals, Hearts and… Spinach

Hello Market Friends: Happy Year of the Ox! There is no question that we need [...]

Fabulous February

Hello Market Friends: Last Thursday we honoured the beginning of Black History Month with a [...]

Bringing You Some Sunshine

Brothers Rodrigo and Alvaro Venturelli of Plan B Organic Farms | Photo by Lisa Logan Hello Market Friends: I hope you have a [...]