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Gratitude News

Hello Market Friends: This week, we send our thanks and very best wishes to Reverend Gary [...]

Food Stories 🍰

Hello Market Friends: There were plenty of notable things about my paternal Grandmother, including that [...]

Who Knew? 🌰

Hello Market Friends: Now that we are really sure 2020 is behind us, it seems [...]

Cozy Comfort from the Market

Happy 2021, Market Friends! I hope you have enjoyed some restful time over the past [...]

A Wish for Light ⭐

Adam from Spade & Spoon sent this remarkable photograph he took in their sugarbush, of shadowy trees waiting [...]

Grown and Made with Love and Care

Hello Market Friends: It’s terribly hard to be a small business owner these days. Hard [...]

A Tale of Two Cabbages 🐶

Hello Wonderful People! Last week was a tough one in the customer service department. As [...]

Glad to be Here 🌹

Hello Market Friends: We are so glad we can continue to offer you a safe [...]

New in November

Hello Market Friends: Well, I guess Summer: the Sequel had to end. You wouldn’t think [...]

Let There be Cake, and Prizes too!

Hello Market Friends New and Old: This week, we are celebrating the 18th birthday of [...]