Viva la convivencia!

Viva la convivencia!

Hello Market Friends:
This is an easy time of year to feel discouraged, by grey skies, short days, the news. It can feel like a time to hide out, when actually, company is what’s needed. Nicole and I received a letter this week from a market customer wanting to encourage everyone to come through the winter. She signed off, “How we survive is on our own, how we thrive is together.”

Yesterday a friend dropped off a bag of books for me to look at, and one led me to the blog, ‘otherwordly’, which (as you may know) features words from many origins, with meanings that are missing in most languages. While enjoying these interesting words, I came upon a couple which suggest some of the best results of a regular market habit.

The first is convivencia (noun, Spanish): ‘living together’ in the sense of living or working closely with other people with whom you share feelings, desires, or a common purpose.’ This sounds like a lot to say about coming to the market, but the conscious choices both our food producers and our eaters make bring us together in a way that is worth stopping to appreciate.

The second is a wish for all of you, whether you are having a snack in the rinkhouse or enjoying something you made with the goodies you brought home, for ‘sobremesa: the time spent around the table after lunch or dinner talking to the people with whom you shared the meal; time to digest and savour both food and friendship.’

Thank you for being part of this very special and always interesting market community.

Here’s a bit of what’s coming:

Urban Harvest will be at the market for 3 more Thursdays with lots of affordable and organic body care. Also, seeds make great stocking stuffers and ours are on sale 50% off.

Forbes Wild Foods will have fresh yellowfoot chanterelles, just in from Vancouver Island (Thanks to Dyson Forbes for the beautiful photo up top!)

ChocoSol is coming! Plan to get a two-week supply, as they’re attending every second week right now.

viva la convivencia

First Fish will have hot and cold smoked Arctic Char and fillets.

Olive oil lovers, don’t lose hope: Country Meadows returns next Thursday.

Lots of baking as well as organic poultry and veggies on the Marvellous Edibles tables.

Green up your season with fresh salad mixes and sprouts from Kind Organics.

Blythe (Spade & Spoon) is back with soups, sauerkraut, syrup and preserves.

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Jennifer (All Sorts Acres) has been making all kinds of lovely and useful things with wool. Have a look at her dish scrubbers, insoles, hot mats and crafty kits, and try some tzatziki while you’re at it!

See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

This Week’s Vendors:

Garage (south end):
All Sorts Acres: wool, sheep dairy, lamb
ChocoSol: chocolate, coffee
Plan B: local and imported organic produce
Shared Harvest: organic veggies
Ted Thorpe: greens and veggies

Rinkhouse (north end):
Ali Harris: fritters, rotis, pesto, drinks
Bees Universe: honey, eggs, bee products, knife sharpening
DeFloured: gluten-free baking
Dufferin Park Bakers: wood-fired oven breads, snacks, soups
Forbes Wild Foods: mushrooms, nuts, maple syrup, etc.
First Fish: smoked Arctic Char & fillets
Kind Organics: sprouts, salad blends
Marvellous Edibles: certified organic poultry, vegetables, baking
Monforte Dairy: local cheeses
Spade & Spoon: preserves, syrup, soups
Urban Harvest: body care, seeds