What a Week!

What a Week!

What a week! Many an anxious farmer has been watching the weather and the power supply, hoping that seedlings won’t freeze, that there will be water for animals, and that fields won’t flood too badly, among other things. The picture up top is the Sosnickis’ fully planted greenhouse. Spot the leak! We’re hoping all the fallen trees are cleared from the roads so the farmers and vendors can get to market, and that for customers, the chance of a little precipitation will seem like a minor detail compared to what we’ve all had to deal with. There will be lots of tales to trade at the market this time.

Let’s get away from it all with a bit of armchair travel, courtesy of our good friend Pia Perez, who headed to Peru this winter and discovered remarkable food and farming there.

“I have shared some photos here of a type of very colourful Peruvian potato ‘Papa Lisa’ or ‘Olluco’ ~~~ and there were SOOOO many kinds! Every colour you could ever think of and then some more! Also pictured, is the view from the peak of the island Amantani on Lake Titicaca – check out their expert terraces! These folks have been farming, and tending to the land pre-Inca, and there isn’t an inch (or vertical slope!) left uncared for. It was really incredible to see this kind of ingenuity, and agricultural brilliance first hand – very inspiring and beautiful communities over there. Finally, a picture of my adorable llama friend in Cusco!
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Thanks Pia! Imagine if we valued our farmland in Ontario so highly? Oh, don’t get me started, this is supposed to be a fun getaway!

We’ll have a full house at the market this week, including a first-time visitor. Sandrine Verhove, a French pastry chef and owner of House of Good, will bring a selection of her organic pastries for us to try. Your feedback is very welcome!

We’ll have another visit from Small Spade, so lovely greens, Bees Universe returns (with the knife sharpener!), and Spade & Spoon, too. Culture City will be in the garage. DeFloured will squeeze into the rinkhouse so everyone will be cozy…but hoping to bust outdoors soon! Lots of people have been asking when we move out, and it won’t likely be early this year. We start spilling out onto the pavement as soon as it gets warm, but we usually wait for the yellow blossoms to fall from the maple trees before moving down to the path, sometime in May. It will come.

The happy winners of this year’s Loyal Eaters goodie bags were Ellen Manney and Miro Wagner. Thank you to everyone who participated in our winter loyalty program!
See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

Vendors this week: